Troy Belliston For Washington City Council

  • Stop Careless Spending

  • Put The Community First

  • Improve Government Transparency

Why I Am Running

I’m running because I believe that I have something to contribute to the residents of Washington City.  I believe that a good member of the Council must have a broad base of experiences to pull from in order to contribute to an independent and custom perspective to the decision-making process.

I’m a Veteran of the US Army and I spent 5-years serving overseas and another 4 years serving here in the US and so I understand the sacrifices that come with service leaving your family for months or years on end and deploying in the defense of our great nation. 

I work with professionals on a continual basis and help them create new opportunities for their business expansions by designing and then building locations for them to also serve our community. 

I’ve built banks, surgical centers, housing, offices, and retail locations and I learn from these business owners what it is that they need to help their businesses to thrive. 

I’ve built homes for hundreds of people, and I earn these community members confidence when I’m entrusted to provide them with the two things that matter most to a homeowner; the home that they live in and the value of the dollar that they spend. 

I am perpetually looking for market changes as I plan for and forecast for upcoming trends in the commercial and housing markets.  And I know what it means when through no fault of your own your livelihood can be turned completely upside down. 

I believe that these life experiences provide a unique understanding of the needs of a community and aid in the decision-making process that a council goes through.  

However most of all, I’m running because I care about the future of our community and the opportunities that we leave our children and grandchildren.

I Believe


“Troy Belliston serves our community with integrity, intelligence, and commitment. He is a straight shooter, insightful, responsive, and is needed on the City Council. Troy is importantly knowledgeable at improving nearly every project in the city through his strong commitment to quality development.”

- Kolene Granger

“Troy Belliston has a proven track record of putting Washington City residents first. Our community is facing extensive growth, and Troy is committed to protecting our current residents while supporting economic growth and future prosperity.”

- Jeff Turek

“I support Troy Belliston because of his accessibility, balanced views, and common sense. While advisor with the Washington City Youth Council I appreciated his support, shared interests, and dedication to not only the youth, but to the city. Troy has, and will, continue to make a difference for the city of Washington. My vote is for Troy.”

- Carmen Snow

About Me

I have been a Washington County resident since 1984.  I graduated from Pine View High School in 1992 and just over a year later married my best friend, Kimberly.  We have two very accomplished and hard working children and we live in Sienna Hills.

After high school, I served honorably in the United States Army where I received numerous awards and accolades.  Much of my service included being stationed in Europe where I served in the 1ST Armored Division and later on in my military career with the 101ST Airborne Division.  During my military service I ran specialized maintenance for the differing 101st Airborne Division Aviation Brigade assets.  I was deployed twice while enlisted and service in the Kuwait and Bosnia conflicts.

Upon completing my two tours of service I returned home to work with my family in construction and development.  I have spent years designing and creating projects throughout the county in both commercial and residential areas.  My expertise is in taking bare properties and seeing them through from creation to completion.  I am very well respected in the construction field and have made a name for myself as being easy to deal with, fair, and honest.

Never one to sit still, I am constantly working to improve and bring value to our surroundings.  I am a very results oriented individual and will work tirelessly for the city and its residents.  I believe that this city needs the input and cooperation from the construction and development communities as we forge into the future.  I believe that we need someone on the council who can recognize the value that can be created in how our city is designed and zoned.  I believe that through proper design we can maintain and promote our hometown personal values and feel, while at the same time we can bring much needed property value and economic growth to our city.  I believe that we need somebody on the Council who actually understands markets and development as we try to tackle the issue of the astronomical costs of housing.